Master Care Plan Book – Making Life Easier

If you are the parent or carer of a person with a medical condition or mental illness, the Master Care Plan book is a must have item for you and your family.

The Master Care Plan book allows you to have easy access to all the relevant medical information, doctors contact information and other information like food and behavioral triggers at the tip of your fingers, including –

  • Personal Details
  • Emergency Information
  • Daily Itinerary
  • Medications
  • Doctors & Specialists
  • Family Contacts
  • and so much more.

Most families have a primary caregiver who has all of this information either in their head or in a safe place, but what would happen if something was to happen to that person?

If the patient or child was to suddenly need respite care or in the event of an accident, would the new carers be able to get the relevant information needed to provide the best care without too much of a change in routine or know where to reorder the medical supplies needed?

The Master Care Plan book has been compiled with all of this in mind by a full-time carer that was asked by her husband one day ‘ Where do you have all of this stuff written down?’

When she realized that all of the information was in her head, she knew that there was a need for the Master Care Plan book for every carer and their family.

Since then, the Master Care Plan book has been used as an essential part of daily life for many carers and their families.