I compiled the Master Care Plan book for carers and their families, because since 2001, I have been a full time carer and I know the importance of having important information written down.

My son has rare complications of Type 1 diabetes and is only one of a few people in the world that are ‘allergic to synthetic insulin’.

I am able to manage his condition but what if something happened to me? Would my husband or family be able to step in seamlessly take over his care and would they know what to do?

The important information was always in a safe place – my head, but this was no good for anyone else if they needed to know.

I never thought anything was going to happen to me, but what if it did?

With the complexity of me sons condition I had lots of medical contacts, medications & a large list of supplies that we used on a day-to-day basis.

Who would know where to begin?

The Master Care Plan book has been designed to cater for a large range of Medical and Physical Conditions, as well as, anyone that lives on their own and needs to have their care information on hand in the event of an emergency.

I hope you find the Master Care Plan book a great addition to your family members care.

Helen Frohloff

If you would like to know more about the Author visit – www.HelenFrohloff.com