“My grandson has been diagnosed with Aspergers. I have worked closely with my daughter ever since he was born and together we work well with him managing his care.
But if she was not available for any reason I admit it would be difficult to find some contacts or details if I needed them quickly.
Your Master Care Plan Book is just what was needed. It gives my daughter peace of mind knowing that if for some reason she may not be available her beautiful boy can be cared for by others.
Now all those many bits of information are gathered together in one easy access book that any member of the family can now readily access when and if needed.
Congratulations and a big thank you Helen.

Chris W.

“I was honoured when Helen handed me her Master Care Plan book, on a recent trip to Peru together, for my opinion.
After I spent some time looking over it I thought what a great idea……not only for someone who is looking after someone as a full time carer but even in the short term.
I could have used something like this when I was taking care of my Dad.
It gives all the necessary details for you to record medication times and routine and is easy to keep track of what is needed to look after someone even right down to where the medical supplies come from and how often.
Helen has compiled the Master Care Plan book from personal experience, having a child with a rare form of Type 1 Diabetes.
The Master Care Plan book is a must have, for several reasons…….
#1. The information about the patient is all in one place if needed in an emergency.
#2. It can be passed on to someone that might take the patient for respite care, without anything being forgotten, the respite carer can refer to the journal at the drop of a hat for medication times as well as every day routine.
Congratulations to Helen for putting so much time and energy into getting the Master Care Plan book published and into the home carers hands. You are an inspiration.

Rhonda K.
New South Wales, Australia